The House of Q Cabaret: Silhouettes

Immersive Cabaret Theatre

The House of Q present immersive theatre, cabaret / theater production Silhouettes, a film noir mystery which puts the audience in the middle of it all. 

Something awful has happened at the Silhouettes Hotel, what exactly? The audience need to figure it out. Clues are hidden everywhere, from the newspaper you find in the foyer, to the sounds you can hear in the room on the third floor, and the interaction you catch in the elevator might give it all away. Or maybe it's a red herring...

What happened? Who did it? And will you escape the mysterious and alluring Silhouettes Hotel?

As the audience go about trying to discover the hidden secrets, The House of Q play characters from the hotel staff and very important guests. Do you follow one of them on their journey, or go on your own exploration and come across them by accident? 

Catch a starlet in her boudoir, a bellhop making mischief with a maid, a porter mixing up drinks in the hotel bar as The House of Q present cabaret, magic, clown, burlesque and more RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!